About Boone Street Body Co.

About Boone Street Body Co

It all started because of dry skin.

I began noticing how dry my skin became after showering and washing my hands with commercially-made, mass-produced soaps. I blamed it on the weather for a while until I discovered all-natural soap products. They left my skin feeling soft, moisturized, and healthy.

So I decided to begin a journey of making my own all-natural soap.

I spent over four months reading books, watching online videos, and talking to experts about the science of making all-natural soap. I learned the properties of numerous oils and butters, and how they interact with each other to create different kinds of soap for different types of skin. I studied essential oils to learn how they can help to heal skin and bring some peace to our minds. 

From there, I set out to find the best suppliers from whom I would source ingredients to create the best soap I could possibly make. Soap that would be gentle on the skin yet cleansing, leaving the skin feeling amazing and unlike anything we have experienced before. I spent months talking with suppliers to understand how they produce their raw materials, where they source from, and how ethical their supply chains are. I only chose suppliers who met my high standards for quality, integrity, and sustainability.

I then began the process of testing countless soap formulas. Many were flops, but the ones that remained were tested on friends and family who helped provide feedback to make the formulas even better. The result is a set of soaps that help with different types of skin conditions or simply for every day use.

What does all-natural soap even mean?

  • It means using exclusively natural ingredients without synthetics, preservatives, harsh chemicals, and ingredients you cannot pronounce.
  • It means absolutely no petroleum-based ingredients (one of the main ingredients in many mass-produced commercial soaps).
  • It means using a time-tested process for making and curing soap—a process that takes almost seven weeks for every batch we make.
  • It means making every bar of soap in small batches to ensure the highest quality and doing every step in the process by hand.

Soap isn’t one of those products we typically think about or study until we find an issue with it. For me, dry skin lead me to a journey of discovery and education to create soap that, first and foremost, helped my skin become better conditioned and moisturized, and then helped many more people discover how amazing their soap can feel and how healing it can be to skin when made with all-natural ingredients.

All-natural soap has helped me improve the look and feel of my skin, and has elevated my showering and hand-washing experience. I hope Boone Street Body Co. can help do the same for you.